Jagged Alliance - Crossfire

Jagged Alliance - Crossfire 1.0

Is is a stand-alone-add-on for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
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Coreplay GmbH

Jagged Alliance: Crossfire is a stand-alone-add-on for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.

Main Features:

- Unique mix of genres with elements from tactics, strategy, role playing and economy simulation
- “Plan & Go” combines real-time strategy with turn-based strategy
- Line of sight, that can be optionally switched on and off
- The first brand-new story in the Jagged Alliance universe since many years
- Tactical battles in an Asian setting
- The new setting Khanpaa is waiting for you to explore all its places
- High-quality voice overs for all dialogues
- New enemies that can be fought with new weapons
- Ten mercenaries of M.E.R.C.celebrate their return and extend the options to 50 mercenaries
- 20 new achievements

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